How To Get Rid Of Tree Roots That Are Under The House

How To Get Rid Of Tree Roots That Are Under The House

Having trees in your garden is good for the soil, the environment and your health. The only problem is that the roots of the tree could get under your home. The foundations of your home will generally rest on compacted soil which tree roots can be drawn to. Roots are generally drawn to the foundations in search of moisture, but they can cause serious damage. If you have tree roots under your home, you need to know what steps you should take to remove them.


Contact The Utility Company

Most people do not realize that their first step to removing tree roots from under their home is to contact their utility company. You need to contact the utility company to verify if there are any buried cables around the foundation of your home. You will want to avoid these cables while you remove the roots. Damage to these cables can cause serious problems and can be very dangerous for you.

Find Where Root And Foundation Meet

After contacting your utility company, you need to trace where the roots and the foundation meets. To do this, you should visually follow the offending tree root from the tree to your home. You should then remove the soil from this meeting point with a shovel. It is recommended that you place this soil into a wheelbarrow because you are going to need it later on.

Find Where The Root Enters The Foundation

Once you have removed the soil from the meeting point. You should continue to remove the soil until you are around 3 feet below the normal ground level. You should then be able to see where the root enters the foundation. This will generally be through a crack in the foundation which means that the root will not be very thick.

Remove The Root

After locating the root, you need to remove it. You should cut off the root with a pair of gardening shears. You can then pull the end which is in the foundation out. It is important that you remove this gently to not cause any further damage to the foundations.

It is important to note that if the root that enters the foundation has a diameter of more than 1 inch, you should not remove it yourself. Roots of this size are often the main support for the tree and you could damage the tree. You should call a professional if you are faced with a root of this size.

Create A Barrier

Once the root has been removed from the foundation, you need to create a barrier between the foundation and the roots. To do this, you should use a piece of acrylic glass sheet. The sheet should be around 30 inches long as this will prevent any future roots growing into the foundation.

After the barrier is in place, you can start to refill the trench that you have with the soil from the wheelbarrow. As you add the soil, you need to ensure that the barrier sheet stays upright.